Neuropathy Care/Management
Regenerative Therapy


Regenerative therapy encompasses many procedures & methods, and there have been incredible advancements in stem cell research. Our regenerative treatments focus on using stem cells to help heal your body from within. With stem cell injections, your body may heal itself from the inside, using the cells to counteract inflammation that perpetuates tissue damage. Stem cells are a key component of regenerative medicine and our patients love the results. Our stem cell treatments may help with neuropathy, joint pain & ligament injuries. They may also help with autoimmune conditions that both men & women experience.

One Treatment Away From A Pain Free Life

You feel the effects of aging every day. Yet your desire to live to the fullest, to operate at your best, has never diminished. We offer the best in science, treatment, and wellness care, working with you to develop and implement a course of treatment tailor-made to instill confidence and inspire a renewed sense of strength, confidence, and joy. 


 If you aren’t a candidate for or aren’t interested in surgery or oral pain medications and you’re interested in learning more about stem cell therapy, please contact us. As a Top Rated Local® Stem-Cell Center in Tennessee, we provide this alternative option to treat joint pain, tissue damage, neuropathy, and osteoarthritis. We want you to live a pain-free life!