Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine Testimonials

I felt extremely comfortable with the folks here at Riverside Spine at the Wellness building! Thats something I struggle with normally! The information given was complete, easy to understand, and given in such a way that I didn’t feel upset about the reason I was there. Which if I am honest is because I need help losing weight. Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but that’s a rough subject normally. So being able to say that I felt like I was in a safe zone to speak freely, ask questions, and know that I would receive great and helpful answers was a wonderful example of the staff as well as the customer experience! If you need some help, this is the place to go… be sure to work with Mr. Erik as he was awesome to work with. 

Jennifer Raleigh

I’m following the Lifestyle weight loss plan and I can’t say enough great things about my experience. This has been an amazing journey and my Health Coach Brook is the absolute best ever! I meet once a week to weigh in and have a one on one meeting with my Coach to discuss this journey! I have lost over 13 lbs in 12 weeks and the results are remarkable. This keeps me accountable and on track. I’m counting macros and I’m healthier than ever, this is the perfect plan and lifestyle for me and the results speak for themselves. I could not do this without my Coach and this lifestyle as a whole. I encourage each and everyone to schedule a consultation to find the plan that fits you best so you too can reach your goal and become the healthiest you’ve ever been before. Do this for you and do this for your family to gain a better quality of life, to be healthy, fit and strong! Choose you and don’t delay another minute! You won’t go wrong by choosing the Riverside Weight Loss Clinic! 

Libby Dailey

Dr. Allen and his healthcare team help keep me healthy as possible, to continue to be able to function in my everyday living. They have and continue to treat me in a professional and courteous manner! Blessed patient since 2016! 11/19/22, still have the same sentiment for Dr.Allen and his caring team to help keep me going, as I have posted here before. Thank you to each one of them! Dr. Jennings treats and cares for at times, still keeping me healthy, able to work and function as much as I am possible. Still very thankful for the healthcare I am receiving from the Dr’s. and the healthcare team from Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine! 7/16/23, receiving the needed and helpful healing care for me to continue to be able to function in my daily living. Blessed and grateful for Dr. Allen, Dr. Jennings and the very caring healthcare team from Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine! 10/26/23, Still having the same thoughts and feelings toward the Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine caring and helpful Dr’s and staff for their support for my health! 


I am a new patient with past history of back issues and a recent rear ending car accident that has agitated my back pain I’ve never had my issues addressed by a chiropractor before so there was some hesitation but to my surprise from Bre, to Amanda, to Sarah, to Dr. Jennings, to Kristina, to Dr. Allen everyone has been informative and comforting even through my pain and fear. I am hoping our relationship as patient and practice will continue to be positive and I will get the pain relief I’m desperately needing! Your Team Rocks!! 

Sharon Charlton

Everyone is so nice & professional. They have a wide range of treatment options available to help resolve my pain and stiffness. I’ve been their patient for over 10 years. I have learned if I am hurting anywhere I need to tell them, they can probably help me. I can usually get a same day appointment for adjustment & treatment modalities. It may be a few days for a massage but I can usually see them soon. 

Laura Brundage

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Rina Gonzalez

As always, they continually provide great services. I had my first message ever and it was fantastic! Sonya L. did an outstanding job on me. She certainly set a high standard of service. 

Michele Goguen

The entire team is fabulous! They take time to really find the issues, explain them & plan how to fix it! Dr Jennings is a rockstar! My husband sees Dr Allen & he’s fantastic also! Can’t say enough about them. Highly recommend. 


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