The Health Benefits of Genetic Testing

You may have heard about Genetic Testing for tracing back your lineage, your ethnic background, even finding out your likelihood of getting a disease or even cancer. But, did you know, we can study this information, analyze it and gather certain data in order to make tailored diet plans for your specific body in order to have the maximum effect? Let’s dive a little deeper into this.

The data gathered can help identify specific genes that dictate how the human body processes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micro-nutrients; how types of exercise affect the body; how lifestyle behaviors influence the aging process; and how unique metabolic and physiologic functions influence athletic performance. Do you know the saying “ Work smarter, not harder!”. Well that’s this in a nutshell. This can even be specified down to what you want to look for. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, there are 56 genetic markers and 22 traits that are specifically tested and scored that pertain to the specific ways your body metabolizes and stores carbs, sugars, fats and more. Even more specifically, you can study particular genetic variants that your body might have inherited that promoted weight gain (guarding your ancestors from starvation) and use that to create a diet that works best for you. Or you can have a test done that can examine unique genetic makeups that can help you understand which genes dictate how your body ages and what preventative measures to take. Another one is to test and study particular genetic makeups that dictate how your body absorbs and utilizes proteins for muscle growth and stamina. The list goes on as to what information you can semise. This is called nutrigenomics, the study of the interaction between nutrients and genetics.

Nutrigenomics has confirmed what many already suspected,there’s no optimal diet that works for everyone. Because of the way genetics affect the metabolism of macronutrients, someone can try to follow the same diet, whether it’s keto, the Atkins diet, low fat, vegan, or Whole30, they will have very different results! Even if they are using the same fitness plan. This is why a personalized weight loss plan based on your DNA makes a lot more sense than just blindly following a fad diet.

A DNA based diet also accounts for certain genetic predispositions, nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities (lactose or gluten) that may be affecting your health. This helps you to understand which foods you should stay clear from and which foods (or supplements) you should add to your daily diet. This type of diet is a holistic and very personalized method to help you achieve both weight loss and optimal health in a very effective and targeted way. Understanding your genetic makeup can help you make informed decisions for a lifetime of health. We can help discover what your DNA can reveal about you and what steps you can take to get your body where you want it to be.


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